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Tag: business development

Five Tips for Engaging Your Audience

Public speaking. To many the very mention of this practice is enough to get the hairs raising at the back of their necks. Presentation. Another word that conjures to mind the image of ourselves in a high-stakes situation, vulnerable before a grim-faced panel of judges. Why is it that we feel apprehension, or at the least, nervous-excitement, about the prospect of standing before others and talking? It might have something to do with the fact that people are, inherently, social creatures. We have hierarchies in the social order. Our reputations and egos can define our sense of worth. Public speaking can therefore be seen as a tremendous threat. Thrust out alone in front of peers, we are singled out as the individual and inherently tasked with engaging other people. Winning respect, or expecting ridicule. Whilst the psychology behind it is best left for another topic, this article endeavours to offer…

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